Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions:

What/Who are you?
We are Plant Collective! We are an online plant marketplace that provides plant lovers and small plant related businesses an online platform to sell their goods. Each store on this website is run by the vendor themselves and when you buy from them you are supporting them and their business.

Where are you located
We are an online run shop based in Cape Town, South Africa. We don’t have physical shop premises as our sellers distribute from their own premises.

Where do you ship to?
Each vendor will have their own shipping policies, so this may vary from shop to shop. However most stores should ship all over South Africa. PLEASE NOTE: We ONLY operate/ship in South Africa at the moment.

I need assistance, who can I contact?
Please send us an email on info@plantcollective.co.za with your order number/store you ordered from and we will get back to you within 24-48 hours.

Buyer Questions

What Payment options are there and is it safe?
All payments are done and received via PayFast, which is a safe and reliable platform. Both for our buyers and our vendors.

Do I need to create an account to buy
No you don’t, however if you are a frequent visitor and buyer, we would recommend creating an account so you dont have to keep adding your details.

What happens when I place my order?
When you place your order you will be notified via email with all of your order details. Shipping details and waiting times may vary depending on the vendor, but your vendor will be in touch to let you know when your plant prettiness is on its way, yay!

What are the return policies?
Each store has their own policies with regards to their products. We recommend reading their store policies before making a purchase.

Can I buy from more than one vendor/store?
Yes you can. While you can buy from as many vendors as you want at once, keep in mind that each store is responsible for their own shipping and policies. Therefore may pay different shipping rates for each vendor you buy from.

Why can’t I check out?
Some vendors only ship within certain areas, double check when checking out if they ship to your area. If they do not ship to your area, a message along the lines of ‘no shipping methods were found’ should appear when you try and check out. If you have any problems checking out, please get in touch with us.

Do I need to be in South Africa?
At the moment we are only operational in South Africa and you need to have a South African shipping address to order from our store.

What are the return policies?
Each store has their own policies with regards to their products. We recommend reading their store policies before making a purchase.

Seller FAQ

Who can Sell on Plant Collective
One of the reasons we are so excited about our platform is that absolutely anyone can sell on this platform. You dont have to be a business owner to make use of this platform.

What can I sell on Plant Collective?
We want Plant Collective to be your number one plant stuff stop. Because of this, any plant related goodies can be sold on this platform. For more info on what can and can’t be sold, click HERE.

Do I need to have a constant supply of stock to be a vendor?
No you don’t. You can create a vendor profile on our website and whenever you have stock you can add it and sell. There is no minimum number of items to sell.

How much does it cost to register?
Nothing, it is free to sign up as a vendor on our website

Do you charge commission & what other costs are there?
We charge a 10% commission on all sales, 3,5% Payment Processor fees and a R10 Payout Fee (the R10.00 payout fee is applicable to payout requests NOT orders, i.e. multiple orders can be put through on one payout request)

What you get when signing up to our site:
– Unlimited product uploads
– Product features on instagram and facebook
– A greater variety of customers
– Customer able to contact you through the site
– Customer reviews
– Ability to offer coupons, discounts and run specials

Do I need to be in SA?
Yes, in order to make use of our website (buy & sell) you need to stay in South Africa.

How and when do I get paid for my items?
Pay outs happen every Wednesday morning and will be paid directly to your bank account

Who packages and mails the item?
You Do. When someone buys from you and you receive their order, you will be able to package the item in your own packaging and branding and ship it with your chosen shipping method

What is the R10 Payout Fee?
The R10 payout fee is to cover banking costs when doing a transfer to you. You will only be charged this fee once per payout session (for example, if you make several sales in a week, you will only be charged this oce). You will not be charged this if you have not made any sales.

How do i sign up to be a vendor?
Keen to sell some of your awesome plant stuff on our website? YAY! Click THIS link to go to our registration form.

How does shipping/courier work?
You can use any courier you want to ship your products and we have a variety of options available to our sellers.

Who pays for the shipping?
The customer will pay for the shipping. You are able to add shipping costs to your store when you set it up.

How do i set up my shop?
Please click HERE for our super helpful shop set up guide

Have any questions that you don’t see answered here? Pop us a mail: